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Aerodynamic wing mirrors from Roadster BC

Added Roof Blades

Completely Revised Side Skirt with Extra Fins and Exposed Tire Outlet

Rear Fender Snorkels

Shark Fin

New Extreme Rear Wing with Inner Winglets


Added large front intakes, inspired by Zonda Revolucion

Wide front fender extensions

Front Canards increased from 1 to 3

Rear Winglets added under Wing Supports

New wheels inspired by Utopia

New Evoluzione badging attached to Rear Tow Hook

We wanted to imagine how far we could take the Huayra R platform. Much like the Zonda recieving a similar treatment in 2013 with the Revolucion, the Huayra R Evoluzione adds maximum downforce, more power and more insanity. The main list of changes can be seen below:

Everything was created completely from scratch, leading a model with a sickening level of detail and precision. We hope to bring our creation to Assetto Corsa as a free download soon, so you can drive the vehicle yourself.

This design study is solely created by LMM Design and has no affiliation, connection or approval by Pagani Automobili S.P.A

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